Fighting for Democracy: Dominican Veterans from World War II is a pioneering exhibit about courage, valor, and commitment. It consists of twelve panels, in which photographs, documents, correspondence, newspaper articles, and short biographies tell the stories of Dominicans that served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II (WWII). Nine of the twelve panels highlight a series of individual veterans through biographical sketches, providing details about their arrival in the United States, involvement in the war, and post-war experiences. And for many, the end of the war meant risking their lives once again to fight for the ideals of freedom and democracy by trying to overthrow Rafael L. Trujillo, whose rule over the Dominican Republic was one of the strongest and bloodiest dictatorships in Latin America and the Caribbean. Images of this particular post-war struggle are captured in one of the panels. A final panel includes all the names of the Dominican WWII veterans uncovered by our research as a way to remember them and to encourage others to further continue this research and bring their stories to life. In the end, the twelve panels showcase Dominican WWII veterans’ long-lasting contribution to humanity and their example of steadfast hope and decisive action.